Beginning Violin Lessons

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Open Strings  Bow Warm-Up — Violin Finger Tablature
Single String Warm up icon

Single Strings / Tune up — (Medium Speed)

Pairs of Strings Warm up icon

Pairs of Strings — (Medium Speed)

Left Hand  Left Hand Warm-up Scales and exercises  
A Major Scale

A Major Scale (Do, re mi ...) — 4 strokes


A Scale (Swing)

A Major Scale (with Swing...) — 8 strokes


0202 0303

Landing the 2nd finger and 3rd finger — (Medium Speed)


Introduction to Dorian Fingering (Low 2nd finger)

A Dorian Scale

A Dorian Scale (Low 2nd finger) — 4 strokes

  Slur Warm-up  
SlurWarmUp Icon

Slur Warm Up — (Medium Speed)

A Scale with Slurs Icon

Slurred Pairs — A Major Scale — (Medium Speed)

 Easy Songs — Violin Finger Tablature  
Mary Had a Little Lamb icon

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Twinkle Twinkle Icon

Twinkle Twinkle  (Eat a bite of pancake)

B - I- N - G - O


   Classical Violin  

Kanon in D   (Johann Pachebel)

Ode to Joy

   Beginning Fiddle Tunes  

Old Brass Wagon

Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle - Slow

Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle - Medium

Echos of the Ozarks - Medium

Eighth of January - Medium (Straight)

Sarah Armstrong - Medium

Child Grove - Medium

   Intermediate Fiddle Tunes  

Give Me Back My Hoedy Cake
- Medium

Over the Waterfall - Slow

Over the Waterfall - Medium Speed

Methodist Preacher

  Christmas Carols  

Angels We Have Heard on High

First Noel

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Jingle Bells (Chorus only)

Ode to Joy



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