We Three Kings

Author: John Henry Hopkinds, Jr., 1857
Public domain
Meter: 3/4

This carol is easiest for guitar in the key of E minor or or A minor.

You can copy it from this page, paste it into Key Switch, and transpose it to any key. Easy as 123.

          We Three Kings

Key of A minor

Am       |        G      Am  
We three kings of Orient are

Am                G          Am
Bearing gifts, we traverse a-far

Am        G         C        Am
Field and fountain, moor and mountain

Dm        E7     Am       G7   |
Following yonder star.    Oh - o

			Alternate chords for the first two lines:
			Am 	|	E7	Am


   C       |       F       C
   Star of wonder, star of night
   C       |     F      C
   Star of royal beauty bright
   Am       G        F         G7
   Westward leading, still pro-ceeding
   C        |           F       C
   Guide us through thy perfect night
Am     |       G           Am
Born a King on Bethlehem's plain

Am     |        G           Am
Gold I bring to crown Him a-gain

Am      G      C       Am
King for-ever, ceasing never

Dm      E7     Am      G7   |
Over us all to reign.  Oh - o


Am     |        G          Am
Frankincense to offer have I

Am      |        G   Am
Incense owns a Deity nigh

Am         G         C      Am
Prayer and praising, voices raising

Dm           E7     Am     G7   |
Worship Him, God on high.  Oh - o


Am       |         G      Am
Myrrh is mine: its bitter perfume

Am          |      G         Am
Breathes a life of gathering gloom

Am         G        C         Am
Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying

Dm            E7         Am    G7   |
Sealed in the stone-cold tomb. Oh - o

Am       |     G           Am
Glorious now be-hold Him a-rise

Am       |       G     Am
King and God and Sacri-fice

Am   G     C    Am
Alle-luia, Alle-luia!

Dm           E7      Am       G7   |
Earth to the heavens replies. Oh - o


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