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About KeySwitch song tranposer

Key Switch is a simple, powerful, free-to-use chord transposer tool, available exclusively here at

Key Switch may already be running in the panel on the right, with its "Welcome to Key Switch" window open. If you don't see the "Welcome to Key Switch" window please read about what to do.

For general information about features and usage see the Key Switch User Guide.

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Transposing YOUR music and chords

Find out how to enter your own songs and chord charts using Key Switch's "New Song" wizard. Manage and view multiple songs simultaneously. Pick a new key with a single slick. Change chords to Roman numbering, or go for from Roman numbering to any key.

Get started with Sample Songs

Key Switch has several built-in sample songs so you can instantly try out it's transposing features.

Here's how to open a sample song.

  • Choose a song from the "Try a Sample Song" menu. The song will immediately open in its own window in Key Switch's main workspace.
  • Changing the key of the song is simple. Just click one of the buttons (A, Bb, B ... ) located in the Key Picker palette. Simple as that!

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If you play a stringed instrument and you want to learn about chord and scales, please try Sound Thinking, here at TheoreticallyCorrect.

It's an online chord and scale encyclopedia for visually exploring any chord or scale, on any stringed instrument ... in any tuning!

Music transposition has never been simpler!

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