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Bonnie Gisel and Stephen Joseph asked me to compose a soundtrack for the initial dedication and sixteen minute slide show presentation of their new book on John Muir: Nature's Beloved Son: Rediscovering John Muir's Botanical Legacy. Below are a few short compositions I wrote for the project.

John Muir — Introduction
John Muir — Scene One
John Muir — Scene Three

The finished soundtrack also includes music composed by Rod Watkins.

The first dedication/presentation of Nature's Beloved Son was held in the Spring of 2007 at University of Pacific (UOP). The second presentation was at Tilden Park Botanical Garden, in Berkeley CA. The Tilden ParkBotanical Garden in Tilden Park California is a lovely area of hillsides and valleys dedicated to native California habitat.

After the slide show Gisel gave an inspiring, in depth talk, and hosted question/answer period. Joseph explained the work involved in finding, restoring and photographing John Muir's botanical specimens.


Nature's Beloved Son:
Rediscovering John Muir's Botanical Legacy

Congratulations to Bonnie Gisel and Stephen Joseph on completing a huge publishing project. Over the last four years Gisel and Joseph fashioned Nature's Beloved Son into a beautiful oversized coffee-table book for Heyday Books. It was published in print in November 2008.

About the authors: Gisel is a Muir scholar and environmental historian, and Joseph a nature photographer and panoramist. While Muir is usually thought of as an environmentalist, Gisel illuminates an equally important vantage: John Muir as tireless botanist.

In astonishing detail Joseph photodocuments a wealth of plants and flowers that Muir collected during his life. These are the botanical specimens that Muir sent to herbariums and museums throughout the world, where they still reside today, preserved and restored.


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Music compositions, recording and production by John Blasquez
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