Sally Coming Through the Rye



My partial capo guitar arrangement of Sally Coming through the Rye is based on the fine fiddling of Rayna Gellert. Gellert fiddles her version in F. My guitar recording is G it, but it is easily playable in E, F, G, or A, just by changing capo placement.

I recorded it with a full capo on the third fret and a partial capo on the fifth fret.
It's possible to describe this capo arrangement as a list of capoed frets, like this: 355533

Using this nomenclature, here are the capo positions for the reasonable keys:

  • for E (the lowest possible key) use only the partial capo: 022200
  • for F capo: 133311
  • for G capo: 355533 (as played on the recording)
  • for A capo: 577755

You can explore the techniques listed above and many other partial capo techniques in depth, here

You can hear Rayna's Gellert's recording of Sally Coming through the Rye on her Ways of the World album.

Anyone who knows Gellert's fiddle part can play along with my recording by retuning their fiddle to Cross G tuning, GDGD. On her recording Gellert actually fiddles this melody while tuned to Cross F, with the strings of her fiddle tuned FCFC, from low to high. Cross F is simply a whole step below Cross G tuning (GDGD) ... which is a whole step below the ever popular Cross A tuning (AEAE.)

Note: I perform part B just as Gellert plays it, but my A part is a looser interpretion, as to incorporate guitaristic ideas.





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